Versatile and customizable business management software for modern and efficient businesses.

Forget overcomplicated Excel tables or stiff "boxed" solutions - automate and improve your company with KiwiPro.

Why KiwiPro?

Available From Anywhere

The software is available from any location from your favourite browser, even from your smartphone.

instant support

Solution-Focused Developer Support

Our developer experts find the most efficient and comfortable solutions for our customers' need.


Flexible and Versatile Modular System

The software is flexible and customizable. It can be configured to work with any business, factory or workflow.

Our Mission

We gained a lot of experience in the industry with many years of development and digitization of a lot of business logic and manufacturing process. Our goal is to make our customers' workflows as efficient as possible and also give them continuous support and feedback. We make the data that estabilishes leadership decisions integrated, available and visible.

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